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About Chocolatier Kimberley Rigby

Chocolatier Kim Rigby Kim creates each of her amazing confections with a fine attention to detail. Her love of chocolate and interest in innovative ingredients are apparent in the perfect results. She has been working with chocolate since she was a child, helping her Grandmother prepare handmade desserts. Along with Grandmother, she experimented with incorporating fresh fruits and herbs picked from the garden to make unique and delicious treats.

Years of searching for the greatest tasting chocolates has honed both her love for fine chocolates and her skill. Kim began to pursue her dream of making delicious handmade chocolates using only natural ingredients in 2004. She started Parfections, a small artisianal chocolate company that specializes in producing handmade gourmet truffles. Using great skill and artistry, she and her loyal staff create perfect chocolates with unusual flavors and innovative ingredient combinations.

The Parfections' Philosophy

In a way, the name says it all. It brings to mind perfection, sweet chilled parfaits eaten in the sunshine, and elaborate dessert confections.

Parfections focuses on creating perfect chocolates by creating small batches by hand from the finest quality ingredients. This small, community-oriented, artisianal confectionary strives to produce the best quality products through creativity, careful attention to detail, and passion for every step in the process.

In addition to the community focus, Parfections is a proud member of Maryland with Pride and the National Association of Catering Executives' Baltimore Chapter.

Maryland With Pride       National Association of Catering Executives

The Parfections Experience

Parfections specializes in creating the perfect chocolate experience by offering unique pairings with beer & wine and the ever-popular "Interactive Chocolate Display". Because we focus on producing quality, every last detail will be refined and tailored for your special event. You won't be dissapointed.

Don't take our word for it; you can read raves about the Parfections Experience in our Testimonials Section. And, of course, Parfections has special offerings for the Corporate Client and the private special event.

To experience Parfections in person, check out our Events Calendar or visit us in different locations around MD. Or, you can shop in our online store.


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