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Letters to Parfections

Many happy customers have reached out to us at Parfections to share how much they enjoy our chocolates. From the individual purchasing indulgences to the professional event coordinator thanking Parfections for another memorable event, everyone enjoys Parfections' chocolates!
If you would like to provide your feedback, we would love to hear from you, too!

Hello there,
I met you girls at Boordy last night. I was blown away by your chocolates as were many I'm sure. Just thought you'd like to know. The painkiller, mojito and balsamic vinegar box of 9 I bought is already gone! I told all my facebook friends and put a link to your site on my page. You guys rock! Can't wait to put an order in on your site. Just need to be careful, on a diet! Haha. I send gifts to clients around the USA from time to time so now I have a new internet gift item I can ship to them! Thanks!
Have a great day!
Jennifer Baptista

Again you melted the hearts of many guests with your Chocolate Parfections!
Great comments.... people who didn't know you existed were very impressed ( they must be living under rocks to not know who you are!) but now they do!
Janet L. Caslow, C.T.A.
Development Manager
Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
1801 S. Clinton Street, Suite 250
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

I was at Black Ankle Vineyards last Saturday and was introduced to your AMAZING chocolates! Wow! I love the creative combinations and have been looking forward to my treat each day! We bought a box of 24! My in laws were with us from overseas and they loved it too. I am a huge wine and chocolate lover, so seeing your creations at a winery was like being in heaven for me!
Risa Davis-Ganel, LCMFT

Hi Kim,
I wanted to share with you feedback from our staff from Adrianne Spann's event. They couldn't speak more highly of you and Sean. The said you were both very professional & courteous & it was a pleasure to have you here at the mansion. Some of the staff had an opportunity to taste your product and they absolutely RAVED about it. We have a favorite baker who does truffles and they said yours beat theirs hands down.
Looking forward to working with you in the future.
Best Regards,
Event Planner
Whitehouse Caterers

I think of chocolate the same way I do fine wine, beer or food…. Your combinations of flavors are exquisite, and the type of chocolate you use is in the very top echelon of the more than 2000 varieties of raw chocolate used in making candy throughout the world. Never let go of that source. Nan , my wife, met you at a networking event, but hey, WHEN is your shop going to open ???? It's only a few miles from where we live, I can't wait to sample more of your creations. You are a Chocolatier of great merit. They should feature you in
Bob Kreamer

We had a chance to think about you and Parfections again today in an unexpected way.
You may recall you delivered some of our corporate gifts this past December to our house and we offered you some biscotti that my 3-year-old daughter and I had made that week.
Fine chocolates/truffles are something we enjoy. We have traveled throughout Europe (France, Austria, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Germany) and had some amazing samples. One of our favorites is a Belgium brand called Neuhaus. We have always found these to be extraordinary and purchase them when we are abroad. Although they are growing their International presence it used to be very difficult to find them outside of Europe. There is now a shop in Union Station in Washington DC if you are ever there and care to try them.
Since we discovered you this past October at Black Ankle we have discussed if Parfections chocolates were as good as Neuhaus and we had previously decided that they were relatively equal...we were wrong.
Last week a good friend returned from Amsterdam and brought us a box of Neuhaus chocolates because she knows we love them. We have just sampled them and they are good (better than your average in the US) but they really don't compare to yours. We still have a few left from the box of Parfections I bought for Valentines day (we tend to savor them by limiting one per day). This allowed us to do a side-by-side comparison with Neuhaus to be sure we were doing a fair test.
Parfections is way ahead of Neuhaus and for that matter any chocolates we have had. The color, texture, taste, aroma, and mouth-feel of the Parfections truffles were all superior.
Thanks again for providing us this extraordinary (and local) delicacy.

My husband started me on this place since his work is in the same area... this store has spoiled me so much. I don't like sweets much but I love truffles. So being the sweet man he is he bought me a box of 4 last weekend. When I tasted the first one I couldn't beleive how good it was! Simply amazing! Parfections has spoiled me! So yesterday my husband brings me a box of 16 truffles. Many different flavors. Usually it takes me over a month to eat chocolate from other famous chocolate stores. I have 5 left and it hasn't even been 24 hours! It's worth every penny!




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